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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blog Hop Day 6: Excerpt Seduction of a Proper Lady

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Excerpts. They're the teaser of the blog world. Sure, you can read the blurb, but it's the excerpt that really gets into the story. Today's excerpt is from Seduction of a Proper Lady: A Regency Ménage Tale. I call this series my Regency Ménage series, even though the only connection between stories is the Regency era and the fact they're all ménages.

A loosely connected series! I really enjoyed this story, it's fun. By taking a typical Regency trope: guy must marry and of course the girl must and has very little choice in who (heaven forbid they not marry or *gasp* marry for love!) and twist it.

Not only is Braedon already in love with and sleeping with a man, but the both of them seduce the young lady. And let's face it, seduction is fun!

Turning for bed, she noticed an object on the floor directly before her. Frowning, Laurel lifted the candelabra and crouched beside the bed. It was a book. Normal sized and bound in fine, brushed leather, the cover held no title or author. Climbing into bed, she set the candelabra on the night table and settled against her pillows.

She could only think her maid or one of the other servants had dropped it, though why they’d be reading in her rooms, if they could even read, Laurel couldn’t say.

Curiosity had Laurel opening the unnamed book and reading the first page from The Curiosity of Miss Laverly
 Last night he came to her again. I heard him boldly walk into her room and could not resist another peak. I hurried from my room, slipping into the passage between wings so as not to be heard. splayed wide, feet braced on the wall. One hand pinched my nipples, tugging hard, and the pleasure ripped through me.
Already he was there, his muscled, naked body pinning hers to the bed, hands rough on her breasts. In the brightly lighted room I could see him pinch her nipples and found my own fingers rough on the hard points of my own nipples, nails scraping them in pleasure. He bit down on her breasts and she screamed, shuddering beneath him.
I knelt on the cold stone floor and watched through the peephole drilled in the door years ago. My body was tight with arousal, aching to be taken just as he did her. His hands hard on her thighs, mouth taking and taking as she screamed her release over and over. She bit and clawed at his back as he entered her.

My own fingers entered my core, one, two, quickly moving in and out in my wet pussy. I wanted more, I wanted a man’s hard cock filling me, wanted to feel the pressure of his body against mine.
For now, this had to be enough. Faster I moved my fingers, in and out, pleasuring myself as my ass hit the hard stone. I widened my legs, the cold of the floor a sharp contrast with the heat of my need. Deeper I thrust my fingers, deeper, harder, thum nail against my nub, scraping that harder, too.
Pleasure shot through me, a blinding light of it, and I knew I cried out despite my best attempts not to let the couple know I was here. Still I moved my fingers in me, unable to stop even as my body shuddered in release.
I don’t know how long I stayed there, utterly spent on the stone floor. Eventually I rose on unsteady legs and made my way, satiated and naked, back to my room. In the morning I’d see them at breakfast, and none of us would admit I watched them in bed, pleasuring myself while they pleasured each other.
Laurel snapped the book closed.

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